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“As a pro-life apologist, I am grateful for Julie’s story because it is a shining example that defies the current cultural narrative of the value of human life. As a mom, I am simultaneously challenged and deeply inspired. This is a book for every parent! It is a touching tribute not only to Abby and the radiant light that she is, but to Tyce, Caleb, Luke, and — at the core — to God who sees, loves, guides and blesses. Julie’s stunning transparency is interwoven with practical lessons and advice, stories that will make you marvel, a beautiful faith that just can’t help but shimmer through her words, and strength that is rooted in humble submission. Be ready to remember the foundational truth that Abby LaQuey has known all along — you are loved.”
– Megan Almon, Speaker with Life Training Institute, Faculty at Summit Ministries

“Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Why me?’ If so, this heartfelt book will draw you in as you learn about God’s gracious and deep love for you. Julie LaQuey beautifully explores this as she shares her experiences of having a daughter with unique needs. You will walk alongside her family as God works in and through them to teach His truths, demonstrate His love, and shine His light to others. She brings hope to families experiencing unique situations to change the question of lament to, ‘Why not me?’ In reading this book, I was deeply reminded that we are all beautifully and uniquely created because we are loved by God and He works through all of our experiences for His glory!”
– Sherri Seligson, M.Ed, Author, Speaker, Scientist

“The stories that Julie shares of God’s faithfulness through the joys and the sorrows, the beauty and the brokenness, will both encourage and challenge the reader. Encourage them to pay attention to those around them who are different. Challenge them to have eyes to see God at work in their own lives.”
– Sarah Stonestreet, Host of The Strong Women Podcast with the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

You’ve Been Given a Gift

Do you recognize the gifts you’ve been given? Many parents fail to see the true value that is inherent within their child. In our desire to plan and control, we often overlook the beauty right in front of us. Tyce and Julie did not plan to have a child with Down syndrome. As a military and airline pilot, Tyce was trained to be in control.

As they began their unexpected journey with their daughter Abby, they soon came to recognize that Abby is a unique gift created by God and entrusted to them. It was God who helped Tyce and Julie recognize the gifts they had been given and learn to love their children well.

In “Powered by Love,” you’ll find encouragement and hope and learn to:

  • Embrace and celebrate the unique way your child has been created
  • Capitalize on your child’s strengths
  • Develop character through challenges
  • Accurately adjust your expectations
  • Overcome isolation, manage relationships, and push aside stigmas
  • Discover courage and gain a new, positive perspective
  • Recognize value and purpose in every person, and use labels appropriately
  • Find greater freedom and joy and gain a better understanding of God’s love!

Know with confidence that you have been given a gift. Just as Abby knows she is loved, you also can know how very much you are loved. Join Julie as she shares their intentional parenting adventure. When you recognize the love you have received, you can be empowered to love others as well!

“In these pages you’ll read about the depth of their love for God and each other and how God’s love for them changed them. You’ll learn about how they grew and what they learned that caused them to adopt new, wise perspectives and healthy expectations.”
– Dr. Kathy Koch, author of 8 Great Smarts

If you lead a church, school, organization, or family, or you know someone with unique needs, this book is for you!


Becoming Beautiful Princess Prisca

Prisca is a young girl who is determined to become a princess! As she sets out on her quest, she encounters various obstacles and becomes frustrated when she finds she is unable to become a princess on her own. She asks for help from almost everyone she knows, and she tries everything they suggest. Again and again, she is disappointed, until finally, she finds the secret to becoming a true princess! Once she discovers the secret, she is filled with joy! Prisca wants to share her joy and help you become a princess also!

This read-aloud book is designed to help mothers teach Truth to their young daughters. Through the format of a lovely and simple poem, mothers can not only teach rhyming words, but can also address common struggles that young girls face. Adults may find themselves identifying with Prisca as she seeks to attain true fulfillment from sources which cannot satisfy her desires. As Prisca searches for what she wants through her efforts in education, romance, materialism, and outward beauty, her frustration increases to the point of anger. When Prisca’s mother explains Truth from the Bible, Prisca learns to control her thoughts and make better decisions. She chooses the best decision of all and finally is filled with the joy she was seeking.

With references from the Bible to aid in further teaching, this book provides a clear presentation of how a young girl can choose to become a daughter of the King of Kings. The imagery is left to the imagination as the format is in simple black and white lettering, easy to read and free from distractions.

Princess Prisca

The LaQuey Family Podcast

Bible reading, discussion, and fun!

The LaQuey Family podcast includes discussion on a variety of subjects ranging from education to dessert preferences and from worldviews to summer camp. Join us as we ponder the deeper questions of life, such as whether Ho-Ho’s or Swiss Rolls are better, having a little fun while we learn and grow together. Tyce, Julie, Caleb, Abby, and Luke share our enjoyment of the goodness and mystery of God’s love displayed in the world around us. To establish a firm foundation for our podcast, we’re including a year of reading through the Bible chronologically. Listen and read along with us!

Sing Along

Music by Julie LaQuey

Lullabies, hymns, and more!

As God worked through our circumstances, He also inspired Julie to write many songs along the way. Julie shares many of the stories behind these songs in our podcasts and books. Listen in and discover the story and be inspired to worship God with us!

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